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At night, the club is guarded by a bunch of Russian mafia members who will attack if provoked, in and outside the club, if you pull out a gun after you have made the gang members attack you, they will pull out their guns and start shooting at you.

The club is also guarded by two gangsters who search guests before they enter (except the player).

If you take Roman there after the mission Crime & Punishment, he may occasionally feel uncomfortable and says it must be where Faustin hangs out when he isn't holding hostages in his basement and shooting them.

After completing The Master and the Molotov, he tells Niko it's a shame Faustin is dead because the place is going to pot.

Depending on how far in the game the player has got, the guards will react in one of two ways.

If the player hasn't completed The Master and the Molotov mission, the guards will welcome them.

The club's interior includes various rooms that serve several purposes in-game.

The main feature of the club is its dining area, bar and open space (presumably used as a dance floor) fronted by a stage, where the club's acts are performed.

After the first story mission involving parachutes, a series of base-jumping platforms open up around Algonquin and players can earn extra points by parachuting down to highlighted landing zones.The sequence of acts are repeated after six visits.While the club still accessible in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, the player is unable to watch any act.The location is far more glamorous as most of the DLC's action forsakes Liberty City's dour ghettos and docile suburbs for the glitzy island of Algonquin (or Manhattan to you).The dour pallette of the Lost And Damned has been ejected, and even the pause menu takes on a Day-Glo font.

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Squeeze some lotion onto your hands and start at the top by her shoulders.

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Florida is known as "Sunshine State" and Latino People is here to bring their Latino Singles together. That weekend was like the beginning of a new life for both of us. I’m looking forward to my new life with this angel sent from heaven just for me.

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On 30 June 2013, Mellor revealed that he had quit the show and Matt would not appear again or have an on-screen exit.