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The mother should have lost all privelages to her little girl. Little girls mother felt that she was doing the right thing letting her kids stay with family while she tried to get her life together. I dont see why such girl would lie about something like this.You are not god and you are not allowed to judge what she has done in the past with her kids. mswtldy35 i understand what you are saying, but honestly there are a lot of people out in this world that you will think couldnt have done something but they did do it. I am re-posting this in the hope that I can get information as possibly help the people in YOUR area, a pedophile is up for parole for the second time.Carbondale was bad and its getting worse cause theres way too many moving in and they bring some bad ways with them. I mean how do you honestly just let something like that slide? I've known Eric since I was a child and he could have very well done this. Don't be mad cause another rapist got what he deserved, be happy he can't do this to someone elses child. Someone named Meghan posted that Louise is Eric's mother? I mean seriously people need to face the music and realize that this guy is a monster. If he was innocent then why didn't he show the PROOF?Apparently, Mr Baez wasn't a man of affluence or influence. If you have kids how would you feel if he did it to your child? Is this Eric Baez the brother of Selene (Baez) Rosar? Everyone knows the gov uses DNA now and gets the evidence they need.I agree Louise should have gotten time, but do not blame the mother for thinking she was giving her kids a better life. I know some of the information on this case, please help me help you.Does anyone remember a similar case about an man named Micheal S, who raped a 10 year old girl living in his house, mother is Minday who claims her pedo kid is innocent. maybe he has filed an appeal no one knows what hes doing. A man who lives with his mother, near Honesville, he raped a 10 year old child who was staying with her family as guests, he was caught in the act by the girls step father, admitted to what he did to the father and the police. Please help me insure that he does his 86 months for his crime of raping a 10 year old, she may even be younger. Please does anything sound familiar to you, and can you help me with any details so I can pursue this.Maybe he didn't rub elbows with the higher ups in the Lackawanna County Court System. I hear Eric's wife, Maureen the Moose, practically lives at Rosar's house over on Main street. Better days are coming though cause city council is putting up new street lights. I don't know who this meghan girl is, but all I know is that Louise's son JD passed away in a crash in Carbondale. All I know is I hate how people say that he is innocent. They have their ways of getting it and truth always wins sooner or later.If he did, he could have bought himself out of his charges and perhaps sentencing. And how come that Louise got away with her end of it?

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They have their ways of getting it and truth always wins sooner or later.

Raped a 10 year old girl, his "mom" is calling the child a slut. Yeah yeah I know who comes and goes and who the friends are. Please don't let this guy out, he's going to be in your area if released.repeat post: Does anyone remember a similar case about an man named Micheal S, who raped a 10 year old girl living in his house, mother is Minday or Mindy who claims her pedo son is innocent.

Small town and word gets around..yo yo yo back at ya mswtldy35 your just pissed off cause you know eric did it. Like i've said a million times if he's so innocent why hasnt he appealed? I am having a hard time finding links to this story - around Honesdale, or ville in PA 3 years ago approx?

I am having a hard time finding links to this story - around Honesdale, or ville in PA 3 years ago approx? When you pay my bills then come tell me what I can or cannot say. He has had no treatment, he was denied parole but is up again soon. Does anyone remember a case with similar aspects, the mother of the SO is asking for help to get son out on Justice Quest, and for some reason they are helping her. I'd like to get a petition going to the parole board.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, he's coming up for parole and I will be starting a petition online to keep him in prison his entire 86 month sentence. And what it seems to rattle your cage bcause you know eric did it and the moose probably knows. I have collected all of the offenders mother's posts, which shows a complete lack of empathy for the child who she refers to as the slut who seduced her 21 year old and had more sexual experience.

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Money, on her Instagram account, posted this photo of Weir holding a glass of wine and wrote, “Mine.”Money describes herself this way on Twitter: “Host on Good Things Utah, Bachelor S15, Bachelor Pad 2, Bachelor in Paradise, actress & Beauty Guru For.”Weir, 46, is a former Masters champion with eight PGA Tour victories, but none since 2007.

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You’ve made a profile, had a browse and have even seen someone you may be interested in. We have created a list of general advice on how to make this experience more enjoyable for you and anyone you decide to meet.

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Yahoo may combine information about you that we have with information we obtain from business partners or other companies.

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Her friends smirk, not looking up.“Tinder sucks,” they say. At a booth in the back, three handsome twentysomething guys in button-downs are having beers.